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For all absences please ring the office on   (07) 849 2819   follow the prompts to record a message.

All absences must be recorded in the eRegister of Attendance on eTap - this is an electronic roll. This means teachers complete marking of the register during whanau time and all learning modules with absences recorded and presence noted in eTap. All teachers must mark their roll within the first 15 minutes of class time.

Absences are recorded daily and used for tracking potential attendance problems.  This will be done using eTap on a daily basis. 

The office will note anything that comes across the counter/answer phone and add these messages and absences into eTap.

All reliever’s collect a paper roll from the office and send it back during whanau time.The office will check absences with classroom teachers and ring home for any unexplained absences.  

If necessary, the office will check with the DP and then contact Integrated Attendance Services Hamilton (IASH) if students absence remains unexplained without reasonable cause.  You will receive a text/email from the school to notify you that your child is absent from school please follow instructions within the text/email to allow us to quickly follow up on any students who are absent. If there is no response from the parent via text/email by 10.30 am, the office staff will ring the parents.

At the end of the day whanau teachers will check any unexplained absences by ringing home  to clarify absence/ask for notes etc from home.  Please help by sending notes to school the following day or ringing the school office on the morning your child will be away. Please note if the classroom teacher/office cannot ascertain the reason for your child's absence they will be marked truant for that day.

IAS is rung if the absence is ongoing for more than a day or a member of staff is concerned for the child's safety and well being. A SASH officer will then visit the family home and report back to the school with any information on the child.

Any ongoing absenteeism or truancy will be dealt with by the Deputy Principal and will include interventions and action plans to remedy the absenteeism/truancy. These interventions may include a meeting with SASH and/or other appropriate agencies.

As a part of our focus on attendance we run interventions for students who arrive late to school.  Students who arrive late come to the office and fill out a 'late slip.' This is signed and recorded by office staff,  the child then takes it to their whanau teacher who will implement an appropriate consequence. If a child arrives late to class without a late slip the teacher then sends them back to the office to fill in a late form.

Any ongoing lateness will be dealt with by the Deputy Principal and will include interventions and action plans to remedy the lateness. These interventions may include a meeting with family and the principal/Deputy Principal.