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Curriculum Programme

Programmes at Hamilton Junior High School commonly feature the following:

  • learning activities in which students investigate issues and solve problems of interest to them
  • a balanced curriculum which emphasises discovery and exploration;  and encourages higher order thinking as keys to successful learning
  • opportunities to see the relevance of learning by applying it in a practical way to solve real problems
  • learning activities and experiences (both in and outside school) which enable all students to succeed regardless of previous achievement
  • schemes that are not so prescriptive that they stifle creativity and the opportunity to capture the teachable moment

Teachers adapt the programme to the students to ensure the curriculum focus for each student is on personal development as well as on academic achievement.

We focus on educating the whole child, emotionally, intellectually, socially, personally.  Students are challenged with opportunities to participate in a range of academic, cultural, sporting and technology programmes.


Hamilton Junior High School is a public or state school.  It offers programmes in all areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.  These include:

(Oral, written, reading, visual, listening)
       Social Sciences               
     Physical Education                     


 Hard Materials Soft Materials  Art 
(Education Outside the Classroom) 

Food Technology

Languages  ICT  Visual Arts 
Dance & Drama

Details of the different curriculum areas can be found by clicking on the area above or on the Ministry of Education’s website http://www.minedu.govt.nz

Hamilton Junior High School has a new range of learning opportunities to meet the broadening interest and development requirements of the pre-adolescent.

  • School Production (odd/even years)
  • Speeches
  • Nga Tikanga Maori
  • School Wide Options Programme
  • Kapa Haka

  • Outside Sports Competition
Netball, Cricket,  Basketball,Touch
  • Inter-Intermediate Sports Competitions
Rugby, Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Athletics, Touch, Hockey, Netball
  • Inter-House Sports
Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Lunchtime Sport
  • National/International  Competitions
  • Literature Quiz
  • Science and Technology Challenges
  • Science Fair
  •  Reciprocal Reading Program
  • Small Group Tuition when required
  • Teacher Aide in classroom
  • Booster Programmes in Literacy
  • Booster Programmes in Numeracy
  • ESOL
  • International Student Tuition
  • Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour Support


Level one course in Languages (dependent on expertise within staff) -Languagenut app

Although the homeroom teacher teaches all of the subjects, specialist teachers deliver Art, Music, Food Technology,      Soft Materials Technology and Hard Materials Technology

We also regroup according to ability for Mathematics.  Students are placed in a Mathematics group with other students who are working at the same level.  This means that they will never feel bad about not being able to keep up with those that find maths easy and they will never be frustrated waiting for those who find maths difficult. 

We like to make science fun and concentrate on “doing” more than “writing.”  At Hamilton Junior High School                         we have our own science laboratory.

Details of other programmes are in the HJHS prospectus.