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Application Requirements & Proceedures

The applicant must complete the International Student Application for Enrolment form and produce the following documents before the application can be processed:

  1. Passport
  2. Copies of recent school report with verified English translation
  3. Evidence of Medical and Travel Insurance
  4. Completed Designated Caregivers Indemnity Form (if applicable)
  5. Information on any medical conditions or learning difficulties (if applicable)


  • Offer of Place is made and Fees Invoice sent
  • (Fee payment by Bank Transfer into School Account is recommended)
  • Student Visa/permit
  • Fees received and evidence of Medical and Travel insurance sighted
  • Offer of place is confirmed
  • Placement in a particular year or class is at the discretion of the Principal.This may be dependent upon class numbers, English language proficiency and any other School assessments.
  • If application is accepted parents have 14 days to accept the placement by paying the fees.  Once the fees have been received and receipted by the school, an Offer of Place letter will be given to attend Hamilton Junior High School.