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Student Fees

Fee for Year 7/8 student

$8068.75  +  GST  of $1210.31  =  $9279.06

Fee for Year 9/10 student

$8116.75  +  GST of $1217.51  =  $9334.26

Included in this fee is:

(a)               a payment to the Ministry of Education

(b)               a proportion of a teachers salary for extra teaching hours

(c)               Monitoring of student’s homes

(d)               Technology Education Fee

(h)               ICT Levy

(k)                Administration costs

(l)                  Tuition in English (Teacher Aide)


Hamilton Junior High School has a Fee Protection policy to safeguard the fees paid by International Students, in the unlikely event that the school may not be able to commence or continue to deliver tuition to the international student.  The School’s Board of Trustees guarantees to hold in reserve sufficient funds to meet the requirements of any refund in these circumstances.