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Hamilton Junior High School Charter

Our Vision

Learning for Life

Our Mission Statement

Growing success for all Learners.   

We develop our vision and mission through theHJHS Learner

HJHS Learner

Respect for Ourselves, for Others and Our World

Self Manager



Are resilient
Are resourceful
Set and achieve goals
Make informed choices
Use their initiative

Actively participate - locally, nationally,
Contribute purposefully
Connect with others and their ideas
Are collaborative

Listen actively
Discuss, debate, explain, share their knowledge, ideas and opinions/points of view clearly
Use a range of communication tools
Articulate their thoughts, experiences, needs




Use a range of tools and strategies to access information
Takes learning risks
Find and solve problems
Seek new solutions

Think about thinking
Think critically
Think creatively
Are intellectually curious
Apply & use their knowledge skills and understandings