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Here at HJHS our students get to choose their Technology classes and Engagement and Extension options on Friday. We currently run three options for each term to allow students many options throughout the year.

Students get to choose from a wide range of options including, Food, Visual Art, Hard Materials, Pallet Furniture, Plastics, Music and Drama Performance, The Edible Schoolyard, Outdoor Ed, Maori Performing Arts, Science,  and many more. 
The most exciting part is the students get to use our newly resourced, renovated and extremely modern technology facilities for these classes.

Here are our options for 2017.

Module 1:

Food Technology
Pallet Furniture
My Dream Room
Maori Performing Arts - Taonga Puoro
Forensics Science
Mini Me

Module 2:

Food Technology
Creating Musical Instruments
Advanced Maori Performing Arts
My Whakapapa
Life's a Dance
Contemporary Korowai

Module 3:

Financial Literacy - Budgeting
Sports and Fitness
Creating Tin Plate Toys
Kapa Haka Practise
Illustrations and Storytelling 
Code that Game
Don't make a scene (Drama)


Taonga PÅ«oro with Whaea Kara

Dream Room - Art/Graphics with Mrs Bennett and Mr Harrison

My Whakapapa - Art - with Mrs Bennett

Story-telling/Illustration with Mrs Bennett

Food Technology with Whaea Keri & Whaea Bex

Contemporary Korowai with Mrs Catchpole

Don't Make a Scene - with Mrs Catchpole

Mini Me with Mrs Catchpole

Maori Performing Arts with Whaea Kara

Kapa Haka with Whaea Kara

Budgeting with Whaea Keri

Pallet Furniture with Mr. Cappie

Forensic Science with Miss Milne

Makerspace with Mr. Cappie

Lifes a Dance with Miss Milne

Sport and Fitness with Mr. Cappie

Code that Game with Miss Milne

Storage Container with Mr H

Create a Tin Plate Product with Mr H