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Civil Defence and Emergency Procedures

To ensure the safety of all people on the school grounds we must have adequate procedures detailing actions to be taken in the event of an emergency which could place them in danger.

Hamilton Junior High School will implement and maintain an Emergency Evacuation Plan containing procedures and guidelines that are accordance with:

·         The Building Regulations

·         Fire Safety

·         Civil Defence Act

·         Local Government

·         Health & Safety in Employment Act

·         Health & Safety Regulations


1.       To ensure that our premises are equipped with adequate fire safety and emergency equipment and all reasonable safety measures are implemented relating to buildings, fittings and equipment.

2.       To ensure that we have appropriate safety procedures for incidents which could endanger the safety of persons on the school grounds.

3.       To ensure training of staff in relevant safety measures.


1.       The guidelines for emergencies are those outlined in the Hamilton Junior High School Emergency Plan. This document is kept in the School Office.

2.       In the event of a natural disaster, civil or school emergency, prior planning and drill practice can be vital in maximising the safety of all people on the school grounds. The school will hold an evacuation drill at least twice per year.

3.       The school will contact homes regarding desired arrangements for students in the aftermath of an emergency.  This can be carried out through schoolinks and text.

4.       Hamilton Junior High School is a Civil Defence Sector Post, and a representative of the School Management will contact Civil Defence in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.

5.       The Board of Trustees will take advice from Civil Defence, Ministry of Education and NZ Police as to when it would be appropriate to continue with the normal functioning of the school after a natural disaster or emergency.


This policy is reviewed as part of the Boards Review Cycle

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