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E-learning at Hamilton Junior High School

Hamilton Junior High School embraces the use of technology to support student learning. Each class has access to a range of technology, such as iPads, computers and chromebooks. Year 10's also receive a chromebook to support their learning.  

Our Vision is to:

1. Maintain and upgrade the school’s information systems for management, administration and planning purposes.

2. Enhance practices for the innovative use of ICT by all teachers in teaching and learning.

3. Enable students to develop their ICT capability in order to enhance their learning. 

Supporting Digital Citizenship at Home
In this day and age students have a lot of access to technology and it is important to give them the tools to use this responsibly and safely to further their learning. Students can be supported at home by discussing how, when and why they are using technology. 

Childnet International provides support for both parents and students. Check out their website here.

The video below explains what being a digital citizen is:

E-learning Agreement Form HJHS 2017 PDF