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Hamilton Junior High School
Sensitive Expenditure Policy

Adopted by the Board of Trustees on 16 December 2013

The Policy was approved and adopted by the board at its meeting held on the 16 December 2013 and is effective from 1 January 2014.


1.            The board agrees that it has a responsibility to ensure that all expenditure of board funds is clearly linked to the business of the school and does not at any time provide unreasonable and personal benefit from those funds to any individual or group of individuals (staff or students). 

2.            The board acknowledges that at times there are expenses which may be considered to be beneficial only to individuals or small groups of individuals.  These may include expenses in relation to travel (especially international travel), or to koha, gifts and other payments to individuals. Koha in respect of attendance at a Tangihanga is limited to a maximum of $50.

3.            The board has determined that any expenditure which may be considered to be beneficial to individuals or groups of individuals will be carefully scrutinised before approval.

4.            Particular reference should also be made to the board’s travel policy in considering expenditure which may benefit individuals or groups of individuals.

5.            The board has agreed on the fundamental principles of this Policy, and has delegated responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of this Policy to the Principal (as the chief executive and the board’s most senior employee).


6.            The board requires the Principal, where expenditure may be beneficial to an individual or group of individuals, to take account of the following prior to authorising this expenditure:

i)      Does the expenditure benefit student outcomes?

ii)     Does the expenditure represent the best value for money?

iii)    Is it in the budget?

iv)   Could the board justify this expenditure to a taxpayer, parent or other interested party?

v)    How would the public react if this expenditure was reported by the media?

vi)   Would there be perceived to be any personal gain from this expenditure?

vii)  Does this expenditure occur frequently?

7.            Any proposed expenditure which may benefit individuals or groups of individuals


8.            When the board approved this Policy it agreed that no variations of this Policy or amendments to it can be made except with the unanimous approval of the board.

9.            As part of its approval the board requires the Principal to circulate this policy to all staff, and for a copy to be included in the School Policy Manual, copies of which shall be available to all staff. The School policy manual shall also be made available to students and parents at their request. The board requires that the Principal arrange for all new staff to be made familiar with this Policy and other policies approved by the board.



Board Chairperson

with the authority of the board on _________________

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