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Hamilton Junior High School

Teaching and Learning Resources


The Board of Trustees will provide funding for the purchase and maintenance of teaching resources necessary for supporting teaching and learning within the school.  Advice will be taken from the staff via the Principal.


  1. To ensure that appropriate teaching and learning resources are available to teachers and students.
  2. To facilitate the teaching of NZQA standards.
  3. To maximise the learning opportunities of students.


  1. The Principal will consult with staff who have reviewed the resources needed for their teaching programmes, to write budget recommendations for curriculum budget allocations.
  2. The Principal will present these budget requests and recommendations to the Board.
  3. The Board Finance Committee will negotiate a budget with the Principal.
  4. The resources required following the procedures determined in Policy 4.1.


This policy is reviewed as part of the Boards Review Cycle

Date of Approval __________________________________________________

Chairperson _________________________________________________

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