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Learning at HJHS

Learning at HJHS is divided into three modules over the course of the school day with whanau time in the morning. 

During whanau time students meet with their set whanau teacher who works with them on the HJHS expectations and HJHS learner attributes.


Monday to Thursday the three modules consist of an integrated program:
Students work in an innovative learning environment (ILE) which utilizes a large open plan classroom with several teachers in the space.
The students are encouraged to work collaboratively with their peers.
The aim for our curriculum is to be integrative with all areas, including literacy, numeracy, science, social studies, science and languages.
A large focus is placed on literacy and numeracy achievement.
Technology is an integrated part of everyday teaching and learning.

For example, in term 2 the students did the majority of their learning around Matariki. They were asked to work in groups to contribute to HJHS’ first annual Matariki festival. Therefore for literacy they read about Matariki, wrote proposal letters and created static images about Matariki for the festival’s art gala.

On a Friday students do HJHS day:
They attend specialized Technology, Science and Art units for two modules.
The last module is made up of a school assembly and EnE (Engagement and Enrichement) classes.