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The Board will have a programme of Self review of the activities and achievements of the Junior High School and use the results to inform its Charter and Strategic Planning. There will be a programme of Self Review and the Board may from time to time request specific reviews. The Principal will be expected to manage this programme of Self Review and present reports to the Board of Trustees.


         i.            To inform the Board of the effectiveness of the Junior High School’s activities.

       ii.            To assist the Board and Principal in drafting Strategic Plans and Annual Operation Plans.

      iii.            To assist the Board in reviewing the school’s Charter.

     iv.            To inform the Principal and staff of the effectiveness of their activities.


         i.            The board will draw up a cycle of review for each curriculum area of the school and for a review of the effectiveness of the school in implementing the 7 principles of the National Curriculum (see policy 2.1).

       ii.            The Principal is expected to manage these reviews and present reports to the Board.

      iii.            The Board may from time to time ask the Principal to manage specific reviews and report to the Board.

     iv.            The Principal will keep a record of all the review processes involved in their management procedures in order to inform the Board and ERO when ERO carries out the external review. These review processes may involve:

  • Discussions of SLT meetings (minutes)
  • Discussions with Team Leaders (minutes)
  • Discussions at staff meetings (minutes)
  • Appraisals (agreed non-confidential notes).
  • Specific reviews carried out by the Principal (reports).
  • Reviews carried out by others at the request of the Principal (reports)
  • Discussion papers presented by staff (discussion paper)

       v.            Generally reviews will include some or all of the following procedural stages;

  • Review questions formulated
  • Scope of review defined
  • People involved determined
  • Data to be collected determined
  • Review carried out
  • Data analysed and evaluated
  • Recommendations drafted
  • Report written, submitted
  • Actions to be taken as a result of the review planned



This policy will be reviewed as part of the Board Review cycle/schedule.

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