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All staff must follow the appropriate EOTC for overseas trips - procedures for all overseas trips.  Trips of an educational nature rather than purely recreational and sporting are to be encouraged.


To ensure educational opportunities for all students to extend their usual classroom experiences.


         i.            A minimum of twelve months initial notice must be given of any proposed trips, so that after approval parents have ample time in which to consider whether their child can go.  This is particularly important in cases where parents are being asked to contribute more than a minor share of the cost.

       ii.            Trips must be planned at an appropriate time of the school year in conjunction with the Deputy Principal in charge of the school calendar and the Principal.

      iii.            Where the part is primarily playing a sport, there are to be reasonable equal participation by all.

     iv.            Student attendance records/work habits and output are to be checked upon and assurance provided to the Board of Trustees that students have met school requirements prior to travelling.

       v.            If any teacher proposes taking a group involving Hamilton Junior High School students overseas on either an educational or sporting trip, initial approval in principle must be obtained from the Principal.  Informal meetings with parents may then be held to gauge interest in the trip.  If there appears to be sufficient interest an initial proposal needs to be put before the Board of Trustees.

     vi.            The following information must be provided by the lead teacher/s in writing to the Board of Trustees.

(a)    Name of group/team and expected number in the party including adults.

(b)   Place, time and purpose of trip to include learning intentions/success criteria.

(c)    Proposed itinerary including activities and proposed accommodation arrangements.

(d)   Estimated total cost shown under the following headings.

-          Fares and Insurance

-          Accommodation                 (means for finding these)

-          Other

(e)    Means of transport

(f)     Names of staff members involved with the proposed teacher-in-charge.

(g)    Details of expected contributions from fundraising activities.

    vii.            It would be expected that the Board of Trustees consider the proposal and give approval in principle within the earliest possible timeframe to allow the trip organisation to move forward.

  viii.            After approval in principle has been given:

  1. Parents whose children are likely to be involved are to be notified by a letter which includes the details of a-g above.  A meeting will be held at which an organising committee will be established.
  2. The organising committee will meet (with a Deputy Principal in attendance) and establish a timeline for organising the trip including all fundraising and payment deadlines.  
  3. Meeting is held with representatives of Organising Committee and EOTC Committee.  Timeline is submitted for approval and possible modification.
  4. The signed consent of the parents of participating students must be obtained in a form that specifies the school’s requirements in respect of the tour, including our code of expected behaviour.

     ix.            Ratification of Board approval (with all details finalised) must be obtained not later than six months before departure date (or before any monies are due to be paid for tickets, accommodation etc).

       x.            A full report should be submitted to the Principal/Board of trustees on return.

     xi.            All costs must be met by the tour party NOT the school.



This policy is reviewed as part of the Board’s cycle of review.

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