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All staff must follow the appropriate EOTC procedures for all education outside the classroom.


To ensure that safety of students and staff.


        I.            All EOTC events must meet EOTC planning responsibilities and management requirements.

     II.            The EOTC committee will meet to consider requests and view documentation.  The EOTC committee will then recommend that the trip proceeds to the Principal as per requirements set in terms of deadlines and then this information will be passed to the Board of Trustees as per requirements set.

   III.            Approval for all out of school activities must be obtained in the first instance from the  Principal.

  IV.            Each out of school activity must be justified as a valuable educational or recreational activity consistent with the educational aims of the school.

     V.            The school calendar must be consulted to ensure the proposed activity does not clash with other events.

  VI.            The request for date and time for the activity must be in writing to the EOTC Coordinator and the complete EOTC proposal form for consideration.  You must give 6 to 8 weeks’ notice for ventures up to 3 days in length.

  1. Planning and permission forms as directed by the EOTC Coordinator shall take into account need for the following:

a)      Adequate prior notification re staff cover and impact on other classes in which students are involved.

An adequate level and sex balance in the allocation of staff supervision of student safety and behaviour.

Quality communication with caregivers re details of the venture and permission slips with clear expectations of student behaviour.

b)      Parental approval for students who are travelling as passengers in vehicles driven by other full licensed drivers.  

  1. Prior to departure complete and accurate lists of staff and students on the venture must be left with the EOTC Coordinator, on the notice board, and with the Attendance Administrator in the office.  Contact phone numbers and details of return times must be left also.

  IX.            If the venture is an overnight one of the Deputy Principals may be invited to speak to the group prior to departure.


This policy is reviewed as part of the Board’s Review Cycle.

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