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The mainstay of the Hamilton Junior High School Pandemic action plan will be to maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene within the school at all times, and to educate staff and students about influenza and practices to reduce spread of influenza – with the expectation that this will be a permanent feature of the school, rather than something to be introduced only if a pandemic is imminent.

The Ministry of Education documents “Pandemic Action Plan for Schools” and “Influenza Pandemic – Planning Guide for Schools” are comprehensive documents that shall be on file, updated and available for guidance in the event of a Ministry of Health (MoH) announcement that it is preparing to implement stage 2 of the national pandemic plan (MoH Alert code yellow.)


To protect staff and students from the spread of infectious diseases.


         i.            Whilst influenza pandemic may be many years away, seasonal influenza will be encountered frequently.

       ii.            Within 2 weeks of the start of each school year all staff and pupils will be taught the difference between influenza and the common cold (appendix A) Staff and students shall be taught that if they have symptoms of influenza (fever over 38°C, significant headache, aches and pains, vomiting, diarhroea, chest discomfort, sore throat) they are advised to stay at home.

      iii.            If symptoms develop while at school, staff or student must immediately attend sick bay where they will be isolated and arrangements made for them to go home as soon as possible.

     iv.            Staff and students will be educated about personal hygiene and hand washing.

       v.            Staff and students will be educated about cough and sneeze etiquette – how to cough or sneeze into a tissue or elbow, and to wash hands after coughing or sneezing.

     vi.            The school will maintain high level of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the school.

    vii.            Maintenance and cleaning of toilets shall be a high priority at all times.

  viii.            In the event of a Ministry of Health announcement that it is to implement Stage 2 of the National Pandemic Plan, a pandemic committee shall meet.  The pandemic committee shall comprise:

  • Principal
  • Deputy Principals
  • Board of Trustees Representative
  • Medical Officer of Health, or representative

     ix.            The Ministry of Education document “Pandemic Action Plan” for Schools shall be used as a basis for continuing action from that point.

       x.            Staff salaries shall be maintained in accordance with State Services Commission guidelines.

     xi.            Hamilton North Junior High School shall adhere to travel advice given by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  Any fee paying student unable to come to Hamilton Junior High School because of travel restrictions imposed will have (50% of) their deposit refunded.

    xii.            Hamilton Junior High School shall at all times encourage and promote self-directed learning and independent work habits in students.  This will stand students in good stead for any emergency situation or pandemic where the school is closed for a period of time.


This policy is reviewed as part of the Board’s Review Cycle.

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