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Hamilton Junior High School

Crisis Management



A crisis can involve death whether accidental or intentional; can involve serious injury and threat or physical and emotional safety of any school community member.  It may also include industrial action.  An appropriate response will be determined by the Principal and Board of Trustees and/or Crisis Management Team (CMT).  An action plan will be a result of the above and the Crisis Management Policy will be applicable in totality or part.


To respond to any crisis in a positive constructive manner to ensure the safety and well-being of the school community in both the short and long term.


        I.            The Crisis Management Team (CMT) will consist of the Principal, Senior Leadership Team, the Board of Trustees and other delegated personnel.

     II.            All media communications are the responsibility of the Board Chair/Principal or an approved delegated person.

   III.            When a crisis has been identified the Principal must be informed.  The Principal will determine whether the CMT needs to be involved in consultation with the Board Chair.  If necessary an initial meeting of the Crisis Management Team will be convened.

a)      Accurate information is to be sought.

b)      Staff and students closely affected are to be personally informed by a member of the Crisis Management Team.

c)      Board of Trustee members are to be informed.

d)      Individual responsibilities must be delegated.

e)      The Ministry of Education must be informed.

f)        The School’s insurers may be informed.

  IV.            At the earliest convenience the Principal will;

a)      Inform the staff/liaise with office communications staff re: the information process.

b)      Prepare a written statement whenever possible for staff to communicate to students and the school community (Whanau Teachers are to inform their Whanau groups).

c)      Allow time for staff to adjust to the situation.

d)      Hold an assembly/service for staff and students who wish to attend if appropriate.

e)      Ensure a place is available for students to receive support through the day, with light refreshments.

     V.            The Principal may liaise with the family if the crisis involves the death of a student regarding;

a)      Use of the school hall/Marae .

b)      Funeral arrangements if there is to be one (see 7 below).

c)      Make home contact with the families of students closely involved.

d)      Prepare a newsletter home for all students and a statement for the school newsletter.

e)      Ensure all staff personally affected are offered relief cover.

f)        Determine school attendance at the funeral if there is going to be one.

  VI.            In any case the Principal will as far as possible that;

a)      Normal school programmes continue in a supportive calm atmosphere.

b)      Staff personally involved are offered debriefing counselling.

c)      Other affected schools and community organisations are informed.

d)      The Crisis Management Team meets to debrief at the end of each day.

  1. Available agencies that may be contact are;
  • Special Education                                      
  • Special Education – Trauma Manager      0800 848 326
  • Victim Support                                           07 834 9490
  • Police Department                                      07 838 0989
  • Local Community Police                             07 852 5318
  • WhaiMarama Youth Connex                      07 838 2558
  1. For debriefing counselling the following may be contacted:
  • Linkage                  www.webhealth.co.nz/839 2828
  • Personal Help Services                            at the front of the Telephone Directory

  IX.            Guidelines for the death of a school community member.

a)      Other staff/students to be taken away from the area and usual school routines to continue tin a supportive calm atmosphere.

b)      A doctor (qualified medical practitioner) must be called to confirm the death.

c)      The person must not be moved and must be covered with a suitable covering.

d)      The Principal or Deputy Principal is to be informed immediately of the situation and action taken.

e)        Police are to be informed of the situation.

f)      Professional counselling assistance is to be sought.



This policy is reviewed as part of the Board’s Review Cycle.

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