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The school will ensure that all students have their pastoral welfare needs met effectively and safely.


To provide a safe physical and psychological learning environment and provide support for students in difficulty.


         i.            Non-custodial parents will not gain access to students unless named on the Pupil File notes as an agreed caregiver.  The Principal will need to be called upon should concern arise.

       ii.            Any staff member who has a concern about student safety/welfare will, in the first instance, raise the concern with the Deputy Principal.

      iii.            All medications for the students must be recorded by our school secretary in the first instance.  Staff concerned about medication taking should refer the matter to the school secretary.

     iv.            The Principal is to be informed immediately should a student’s safety through self-harm become imminent.

       v.            The Police are able to access information under the Official Information Act.  Students may not wish to be interviewed by the Police – in this case a Guidance Counsellor or Deputy Principal or teacher they trust may assist.  Parent/caregiver to be contacted.


This policy is reviewed as part of the Board’s Review Cycle.

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