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All students will be treated with dignity and respect and have the right to have their needs met in a safe environment.  Adults will be receptive and sensitive to students so that the students feel listened to and believed.  The school will use the most appropriate agency for sexual abuse and the most appropriate agency for physical abuse and/or neglect.  The Health Curriculum will provide students with the opportunities to increase their assertiveness skills in dealing with uncomfortable situations.


  • To ensure the safety of the student.
  • To provide procedures for dealing with cases of abuse or neglect.


         i.            If student behaviour indicates potential abuse staff have a responsibility to take action.

       ii.            Such action must include notification to the Counsellor or the Deputy Principal – in charge of the Guidance area.

      iii.            Staff will avoid interviews that invite or encourage disclosure.

     iv.            The Counsellor or Deputy Principal will evaluate the situation and if necessary consult outside agencies.

       v.            If disclosure occurs the staff member will affirm the student and record details of conversation that has taken place with the student (to be recorded by the staff member) and then report the above to the Counsellor or Deputy Principal.  This will then be reported to outside agency CYFS or Police if appropriate.

     vi.            The Principal must be informed.

    vii.            Details of the referral to an outside agency must be recorded.  If abuse is outside the home contact with CYFS/or Police and parents is to be done concurrently.

  viii.            If student is interviewed at school, a staff member in whom the student has confidence must be present.

     ix.            All interviews to be held in private.


This policy is reviewed as part of the Board’s Review Cycle.

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