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The school must recognise that parents/caregivers have the right to lodge a complaint if they are dissatisfied with any aspect of the school’s performance.


  • To provide a procedure for receiving complaints from parents/caregivers.
  • To provide opportunity to respond positively, fairly and constructively to a complaint.
  • To ensure that the college is supported by the community.


         i.            In principle complaints should be directed to the person involved or their immediate supervisor.  The Board of Trustees will not generally investigate a complaint if the Principal has not done so first.

       ii.            All complaints must be reported to the Principal as soon as possible.

      iii.            The Principal will immediately acknowledge the complaint.

     iv.            The Principal will require the complaint in writing.

       v.            The Principal will investigate the complaint and take appropriate action, which may include notifying the Board of Trustees and the college’s insurers.

     vi.            Feedback will be provided to the complainant.

    vii.            If dissatisfied there remains recourse to lodge the complaint with the Board of Trustees.

  viii.            The Board of Trustees will consider the matter at the first available opportunity.

a)      Ask an appropriate Committee to investigate the matter and either deal with the matter or report back to the Board of Trustees.

b)      Seek clarification via writing or a meeting with the complainant;  Note:  It should be noted that the complainant can/may bring a support person to the meeting.

c)      Make a decision on the matter.

d)      The action taken by the Board of Trustees will be minuted and communicated to the complainant.

e)      If requested the complainant will receive a copy of this procedure.

     ix.            Complaints against the Principal must be addressed directly to the Board of Trustees.


This policy is reviewed as part of the Board’s Review Cycle.

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