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Hamilton Junior High School

Student Code of Conduct



All members of the Hamilton Junior School community shall follow the Hamilton Junior High School Code of Conduct.  The Code of Conduct is a respect code based on a well-established culture of mutual respect all members of the learning community.  All teachers have a right to teach, all students have a right to learn.  Mutual respect for all and by all.

It is expected that all students at Hamilton Junior High School will show the following behaviours:

  1. Attend school every day.
  2. Arrive well prepared for school.
  3. Arrive at school by eight thirty each morning (8.30am).
  4. Bring all required gear for every lesson in their own school bag.
  5. Go to every class as scheduled.
  6. Co-operate with and show respect to teachers.
  7. Co-operate with and show respect to other students.
  8. Follow instructions.
  9. Complete set work.

10.  Keep books in good order.


To assist the achievement of learning success for all.



  • A wrist watch may be worn
  • Make-up must not be worn at school
  • Hair must not be dyed an unnatural colour
  • Hair ties must be black only
  • Scarves may be worn in winter but must be black 
  • Nail polish is not to be worn
  • One pair of plain studs or sleepers are permitted
  • No other visible jewellery is to be worn including necklaces and rings on fingers (or other body parts) unless it is a cultural item/taonga

       ii.            The Principal will make the final decision as to suitability of dress.  Students may be asked to go home to change.



       v.              Looking after Personal Property

Hamilton Junior High will not accept responsibility for expensive items of clothing or gear which go missing at school or during school related activities.  THIS APPLIES SPECIFICALLY TO MOBILE PHONES.  

     vi.            Consequences for Inappropriate Student Behaviour

The Classroom Teacher is the person most involved with day to day monitoring of classroom behaviours such as:

  • arriving late to class.
  • not having gear.
  • not following instructions.
  • not finishing work.
  • not doing homework.


  • attendance.
  • lateness to school.
  • dress.
  • general readiness for school.
  • having gear for every class.

  viii.            Consequences for continued inappropriate behaviour include:

  • discussion and warning.
  • interval, lunchtime or after school consequence until 4.00pm only.
  • daily contract
  • parent notified.
  • team leaders involved.
  • litter consequences.
  • withdrawal from class.
  • senior managers involved.
  • family conference.

NOTE:  If there are difficulties with any of these requirements the school is able to help.  Please talk to the Deputy Principal or Principal, Team Leader or classroom teacher.

     ix.            Verbal abuse, harassment, theft, vandalism, assault and the use and/or possessions of marijuana and/or utensils for drug use are illegal activities, and together with possession or use of alcohol and/or cigarettes, will be treated with the strongest possible sanctions.

       x.            Expectations of Parents/Caregivers

The school cannot succeed with students without the help of those at home.  Please help your students meet basic requirements.

  1. Help students attend everyday on time.
  2. Ensure that they get sufficient food and sleep to work well at school.
  3. Take an interest in their school work by looking at their books and supervising homework every night.
  4. Keep in touch with the school by;
  • Writing notes
  • Phoning the office at 8.30am.
  • Coming to meetings and parent-teacher interviews.
  • Helping with sports and other school activities.
  1. Provide advice and guidance about suitable standards of social behaviour.
  2. Help students plan well for their futures.


This policy is reviewed as part of the Board’s Review Cycle.

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