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The Education Act (1989) requires that every child between 6 and 16 shall be enrolled at and shall attend a school. While the numbers of pupils who deliberately or persistently truant from this school is small, it is necessary to have certain procedures to deal with such pupils. These procedures explain the responsibility and the right of the Board of Trustees to act in this manner. (Education Act 1989 (Sections 20, 25 and 31-35 inclusive).



This policy statement extends that of the Staff section which outlines the procedures to be followed in the case of non-attendance. All low attendees will be considered on a case by case basis with specific reference to the schools restorative ethos and that student learning remains at the forefront. This policy outlines the Board of Trustees responsibility in this matter.


Attendance Procedure Guidelines:

Whanau Teacher Responsibility

  • Mark the roll before 8.45am each day

  • Any late students are to be sent to the office if they are late for a late slip and consequence to be implemented.  If they receive 3 lates they are to be referred to the  Deputy Principal.

  • At the end of the day the whanau teacher needs to check un-cleared absences and phone home to find out the reason behind the absence then update e-tap.  

  • If unable to contact the family the whanau teacher will continue to contact the family until contact is made.  

Classroom Teacher Responsibility

  • Mark the roll within the first 15 minutes of each learning block.

Office Administrator Responsibility

  • Listen to absence line and update attendance on etap.

  • Print off  absence list and do a physical check of students

  • Send an attendance text through etap to absentees by 9am

  • Follow up with a phone call to family if no response.

  • Late students are to be given a late slip

Deputy Principal Responsibility

  • Supervise loss of breaks twice per week for late students.

  • If there is no valid reason behind the absence the student will be considered truant.  Students will complete an after school detention with the DP and a conversation will take place with family members.  

  • Manage students with ongoing attendance and lateness issues through family meetings, ROCK On, SASH.


The Board of Trustees will meet its responsibilities by ensuring that strategies are put in place to ensure that all students attend school regularly.


              Date of Approval:____________________________      
              This policy will be reviewed as part of the Board of Trustees review cycle.