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The Board of Trustees of shall ensure that the property of the school is maintained and developed as per legislative requirements for a crown entity.  The Board will have a 10 year maintenance plan.


  • To comply with legal requirements to provide proper facilities for learning in a safe suitable environment.


         i.            The Property Manager will manage and lead staff to ensure the grounds are tidy, well maintained and developed.

       ii.            The Property Manager will work with the Principal  to develop a 5 and 10 year property plan for the school.  This will be submitted to the Board annually through the Principal.

      iii.            The Property Manager will effectively manage the Property budget and report regularly to the Principal on spending priorities.

     iv.            The Property Manager or delegated staff will attend to maintenance in a timely and efficient manner.

       v.            The Property Manager will provide future plans for the wellbeing of the environment as required.

     vi.            The Property Manager will be an active member of the Health and Safety Committee and the Property Committee.

    vii.            When obtaining quotations a minimum of three must be sought prior to submission to the Property Committee for approval.

  viii.            The Property Manager will provide a regular and informative report to the Principal of work undertaken each month for the Board of Trustees.



This policy is reviewed as part of the Boards cycle of review.

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