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To ensure compliance with the Education Act 1989 (particularly Section 220/2A as inserted by the Education Amendment Act 1993), S77A and D of the State Sector Act 1998, the Human rights Act 1993, the Employment Relations Act 2000, and the provisions of the Collective Employment Agreement under which teachers and support staff are employed.

An Equal Employment Opportunities programme means a programme that is aimed at the identification and elimination of all aspects of policies, procedures and other institutional barriers that cause or perpetuate, or tend to cause or perpetuate, inequality in respect to either employment of any person or group of persons”          [S77D (5) State Sector Act]

The aim of the equal employment opportunities provisions in the State Sector Act is:

“the elimination of prejudiced and ideologically driven courses of action leading to unequal treatment or persons between whose employments no valid distinction can rationally be drawn.”

NZEI vs State Services Commissioner [1997] ERNZ 381, 392.


  1. An Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) co-ordinator must be appointed.
  2. An Equal Employment Opportunities programme must be developed and published annually and ensure that it complies with (S77 D of the State Sector Act).
  3. An Equal Employment Opportunities database for all current employees must be kept.
  4. An annual report for the Board of Trustees of Hamilton Junior High School must be prepared.
  5. Suggested format for reporting adapted from Ministry of Education circular. A summary of the Board’s annual Equal employment Opportunities programme for the previous year. The summary makes reference to:
    1. The Equal Employment Opportunities policy statement for the previous year, and;
    2. The Equal employment Opportunities plan, identifying the Equal Employment Opportunities Objectives set for the previous year. (Each objective containing a performance measure that will help assess achievement in meeting the objective).
  6. See following planning blank for a suggested annual programme. An account of the extent to which the Board of Trustees was able to meet the objectives of the Equal Employment Opportunities programme for the previous year. Comments provided on achievement in the following areas:
  7. Appointment  of person(s) to co-ordinate development of the Equal employment Opportunities Plan:
  8. Consultation procedures;
  9. Establishment of an employee Equal Employment Opportunities database;
  10. Systems used to monitor the Board of Trustees Equal Employment Opportunities Plan;
  11. Review of current personnel policies and practices, and;
  12. Establishment of specific objectives for Equal Employment Opportunities target groups.

  1. Suggested headings for reporting on the objectives referred to above could be;
  2. Major achievements
  3. Implementation difficulties (i.e. identify Equal Employment Opportunities objectives that have not been achieved, commenting on any barriers that may have hindered achievement).
  4. Conclusions (i.e. comment on any other Equal Employment Opportunities areas that need to be addressed in relation to :
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Promotion
  • Training
  • Career development
  • Working conditions


This policy will be reviewed as part of the Board’s cycle of review/schedule

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