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The school shall facilitate opportunities for the personal and professional development of staff identified through staff appraisal and the needs of the school’s strategic plan and each year’s annual plan.


  1. To better meet the needs of the school’s goals and aims.
  2. To continually improve student engagement and learning.


  1. Annually, the Principal will appoint a Professional Development Leader.
  2. After having received information from the Principal from appraisals, and the school goals, the Professional Development Leader will submit an outline of professional development plans for the year to the Principal by the end of the preceding year. These plans will be presented to the staff at a May staff meeting. The immediate priority will be schoolwide Professional development opportunities.
  3. The Professional Development Leader will publish a report for staff each term detailing courses attended, personnel represented, including a financial statement.
  4. The Professional Development leader will be responsible for disseminating information on courses and programmes to staff via a folder in the staffroom.
  5. Applications for professional development will be made to the Professional Development leader on the Application Form which will include a statement on how the professional development will be used to deliver the school’s annual goals.
  6. An evaluation of courses attended will be submitted to the Professional development Leader on the completion of courses before a reimbursement is given if approved and as necessary.
  7. For approved courses, full costs of registration will be paid by the school. Travel costs and accommodation as costs can be applied for.


This policy will be reviewed as part of the Board’s cycle of review/schedule

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