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Hamilton Junior High School shall attest to the skill level of teachers progressing through to the top of the basic salary scale. The in-house performance management systems will be used to ensure teachers receive fair and equitable reward while at the same time setting achievable professional teaching goals.


         i.            To ensure that staff progress through salary scale on merit, i.e. their skills meet the requirements of the professional standards.


  1. Annually, in Term 1, every staff member will be asked to complete a teacher appraisal return. On this form staff will nominate the leader who is responsible for monitoring the appraisal process during that particular year.
  2. Attestation recommendations must be based on at least 2 formal classroom visits and accompanying written reports.
  3. A preliminary goal setting interview followed by a more in-depth interview in Term 4 must be evidenced before recommending attestation.
  4. Recommendation for attestation will be based on the achievement of the professional standards for the status of the teacher concerned plus attainment of developmental goals set by each staff member at the beginning of each year.
  5. Attestation recommendations are to be made on the proforma provided by the Principal.
  6. All written observations and recommendations for attestation must be signed by all parties concerned before presenting a file copy for the Principal.
  7. If the recommendation is for the teacher to move to the next step of the basic scale, the Principal will inform the salary servicing agency of the attested teacher’s new salary status.
  8. If a Team Leader/DP recommends that a teacher should not be attested the Team Leader/DP must present a written case to the Principal outlining concerns and a suggested professional development programme for the teacher involved.
  9. The teacher not attested, if they wish to appeal the decision, should in the first instance register their concern with the Principal.
  10. Any appeal lodged must be in written form when forwarded to the Principal.
  11. Once an appeal is lodged the Principal will present to the teachers concerned a “job description” based on the concerns highlighted during attestation. This document will be mutually agreed to and outcomes based.
  12. If the teacher not attested has concerns, after the appeal process and subsequent five week review process, they should seek advice and guidance from their nominated salaries bargaining agent.
  13. A teacher not attested to move onto the next step of the salaries scale will be required to undertake a mutually agreed professional development programme designed to rectify concerns highlighted during the attestation and five week review process. 


This policy will be reviewed as part of the Board’s cycle of review/schedule

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