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The Board of Trustees accepts an obligation to develop policies and practices that reflect the multi-cultural nature of New Zealand’s society and its bicultural heritage.  The school must ensure that its governance management, teaching and learning activities are sensitive to our bicultural heritage and the multicultural nature of our society.


a)        To fulfil the intent of the Treaty of Waitangi by valuing and reflecting New Zealand’s bicultural heritage.

b)        To enable students to learn about the multicultural nature of society.

c)        To enable students to learn about our bicultural heritage.

d)        To provide opportunities for all students to interact with Tikanga Maori (Maori Protocol) and to enable students to learn Te Reo Maori (Maori Language).

e)        To provide all students with opportunities to learn about the history of New Zealand since the colonisation of Aotearoa and to include the Treaty of Waitangi, its text and principles.



a)      The curriculum of the school will include time specifically allocated to the teaching of Tikanga Maori.

b)     The curriculum will include the opportunity for Te Reo Maori tuition.

c)      The curriculum will include units that investigate and describe the multicultural nature of our New Zealand Society.

d)      The curriculum will include the Treaty of Waitangi, its text and its principles as a topic of study.

e)      The curriculum development of the school will endeavour to incorporate Maori perspectives into English, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Music, Art, Physical Education, Technology and Health.

f)        The school systems will monitor the needs, achievements and progress of Maori students and will endeavour to establish programmes to address the needs identified.

g)      The school will recognise the different cultural framework within which Maori students operate and will provide appropriate guidance and support.

h)      Every year the Principal will meet with the staff to ensure that:

  • The curriculum reflects Maori perspectives.
  • Equitable provisions and opportunities are provided for students to learn Te Reo Maori and Tikanga Maori.
  • The needs of Te Reo Maori and Tikanga are recognised in the provision of resources and facilities within the school.
  • The curriculum contains units investigating and describing the multicultural nature of our society.
  • Staffing and financial provision is made to enable the school to meet the requirements of the above.

i)        Teacher In-service training will include the development of knowledge of the text and

principles of the Treaty of Waitangi with regard to the education of our children.

j)        The school will endeavour to employ Maori teachers where they are the most suitable applicant for an advertised position.

k)      The dual nature of the Treaty of Waitangi, our Nations founding document, will be reflected in our use of the languages of Te Reo Maori and English at appropriate public occasions.

l)        All new staff and students at the beginning of a school year will be welcomed with a traditional powhiri.

m)    The Tangata Whenua will be consulted along with the school community in the review of the school’s charter and major school development goals.


This policy is reviewed as part of the Boards cycle of review.

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