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Hamilton Junior High School shall provide students and their parents with honest, regular and effective feedback on students’ achievement.  The school will provide NZQA with achievement results and allow NZQA access to achievement records at any time.


a)      To provide students with relevant and useful information to help them improve performance.

b)     To inform parents effectively on their child’s progress.

c)  To provide NZQA with the results of students assessments.


        I.            At the start of the year the Principal (or delegated Senior Leadership Team member) will inform, staff, students and their parents when formal reporting will take place that year.

     II.            Team Leader will be responsible for report format following guidelines provided by the Curriculum and Assessment Senior Leadership Team member.

   III.            The Senior Leadership Team will share responsibility for school report evenings.

  IV.            Team Leaders will ensure:

  • Subject teachers are aware of the report format used.
  • Students are provided with information on which they will be reported.

     V.            Grounds for appeal and procedures to follow will be provided by the Curriculum and Assessment Senior Leadership Team member.

  VI.            Copies of reports will be kept.  This may be in electronic form.

  1. Informal reporting will arise from regular two-way communication between student and teacher as an essential component of the learning process through the use of formative assessment practices.

  IX.            Requests for student progress will be handled by the appropriate member of the Senior Leadership team.

X.  The Principals Nominee will forward all achievement records to NZQA.


This policy will be reviewed as part of the Board’s review cycle.

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