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Hamilton Junior High School Principal and staff shall carry out assessment that is fair, valid, consistent and that supports learning and provides reliable recorded data for reporting on progress and achievement to students and parents, and Board of Trustees.  The storage of assessment and achievement data will comply with and be subject to the Privacy Act 1993 and the Official Information Act 1982.  The assessment tools will relate to the learning outcomes and be both formative (continuous) and summative.


a)      The purpose of assessment is to inform teaching and learning and the quality of learning programmes.

b)     To report progress and inform on current abilities and strengths.

c)     To motivate students to better effort and achievement.

d)      To provide the teacher with information for evaluating the effectiveness of their course and for improving the content and delivery.

e)       To provide effective feed forward/feedback information to assist students in raising their performance.

f)  To provide summative information on awarding NZQA standard credits.

g)  To provide assessment records available to NZQA on request.


        I.            The Principal is responsible to the Board for;

  • Developing and using a range of appropriate assessment procedures.
  • Meeting the different purposes of assessment which recognises the differences in gender, culture, background and experience that students bring to their learning.
  • Maintaining records which provide cumulative information on a student’s school achievement and which can be passed on from year to year or school to school.
  • Using assessment procedures that are fair to all students and relate to stated learning outcomes.
  • Collating individual students’ achievement in a form which provides a profile of the overall level of student achievement.
  • Sharing expectations of assessment with students well in advance of due dates.
  • Adhering to National and School assessment procedures.
  • Ensuring that the school's moderation system of NZQA units remains effective.

     II.            The following principles will apply to all assessments;

  • Purpose must be explicit with clear perfomance indicators.
  • Best interests and progress of students must be paramount
  • Assessment information must be shared with the student at the time of the event or as soon as possible afterward.
  • Must be on-going, accurate, and as objective as possible.
  • Must take into account varied learning styles and cultural expectations.
  • Must be appropriate to the age and development level of the student.
  • Privacy and security of student assessment results must prevail.
  • All NZQA units must be moderated.

   III.            Team Leaders;

  • Have responsibility for overseeing assessment programme in their team with school policy, including moderating activities and assessment.  Memorandums of Understanding must be signed with all outside providers and filed with the Principal.
  • Staff apply the School’s policy on reporting on individual students.
  • The Principal or delegate will guide the School reporting programme.
IV. Principals Nominee
  • Will manage, monitor and review the schools NZQA Assessment Plan.
  • Will be responsible for the central paper and electronic storage of students' assessment and achievement data.
In addition:

  • Teachers in charge of NZQA Standard Programmes will be responsible for keeping their students assessment and achievement data. This data must be in hard copy and electronic form.


This policy will be reviewed as part of the Boards review cycle.

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