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Hamilton Junior High School acknowledges that Gifted and talented students have special abilities which require differentiated learning programmes and will provide appropriate programmes of curriculum delivery for these students.  Students may have the potential for exceptional performance in one or more areas of the curriculum including;

  • Intellectual/Academic Aptitude
  • Creativity, problem solving and higher-order thinking
  • Social and Leadership Skills
  • Physical and Sporting ability
  • Knowledge and Understanding of Cultural and Social issues
  • Information Technology
  • Fluency in languages
  • Fluency in English and or Maori


To recognise the potential of some students to achieve outstanding performance.  To provide to appropriate social, emotional and curriculum support for these students to reach their potential.


The Principal will establish;

         I.          Assessment procedures to accurately identify gifted and talented students.

       II.          Staff will identify and remove barriers to their learning.

    III.          The Principal understands that the concept of giftedness from a Maori perspective is unique and will establish programmes for recognition and opportunity for gifted Maori.

    IV.          The Principal will provide equitable financial provisions within the budget, and ensure that there are effective management systems, to support the implementation and on-going success of this policy.

      V.          All students will undertake diagnostic tests the year on entering their Year level.  These tests will provide Maths, Reading, Writing and Spelling data to inform their placement.  Parents will also be invited to nominate their child for the programme.

    VI.          An integrated approach to planning and learning will occur.


This policy is reviewed by the Board as part of its review cycle.

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