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All students wherever possible will have their educational needs met in individually appropriate ways.


To maximise the achievement of every student.


        I.            At the start of each year the Special Needs Co-ordinator will identify those students with special needs and compile a list of those requiring assistance.

     II.            Resources will be made available to meet the needs of students with special needs requiring remedial help or extension.  These resources may include:

  • Reader/writer support
  • Extra time provision
  • Enlarging of resources
  • Teacher-aide assistance
  • Use of technology

This assistance will not jeopardise the requirements of performance criteria.

   III.            Wherever possible the student will be fully integrated into the mainstream.

  IV.            The responsibility for diagnosis of the need for individual programming rests with the Deputy Principal, RTLB and Teacher Aides.

     V.            The Hauora Committee will support in removing barriers to learning.

  VI.            Opportunities will be made for professional development for all staff working with students who have special needs.

  1. The Deputy Principal will liaise with contributing schools to identify prospective students needing special needs support/extension.
  2. At enrolment special needs students are referred to the Deputy Principal.

  IX.            Referrals to RTLB of students causing concern will be made after a referral to the Deputy Principal for assessment.

     X.            Diagnostic testing will be used for identification of students needing remedial assistance/extension.

  XI.            Students will be supported by Teacher Aides in classes and/or withdrawn for extra tuition.

  1. Reading tuition will be available during library time and with specialised reading groups.
  2. Individual programmes will be developed by the Deputy Principal, RTLB, Teacher Aide, Classroom Teacher and put in place where needed.
  3. Programmes will be reviewed annually by the Deputy Principal.


This policy will be reviewed as part of the Board’s review cycle.

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