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Hamilton Junior High School shall;

  1. Provide a balanced programme to ensure all students’ needs are met.
  2. Provide programmes which meet the National Curriculum requirements.
  3. Provide programmes which meet the requirements of the NZQA units being delivered.
  4. Implement learning programmes based upon the underlying principles stated in the key competencies and the national achievement objectives.
  5. Monitor student progress against the national achievement objectives.
  6. Analyse barriers to learning and achievement.
  7. Develop and implement strategies which address identified learning needs in order to overcome barriers to students learning e.g. literacy, numeracy support, and moderate learning needs.
  8. Develop and implement strategies to engage all students in learning.
  9. Develop strategies to offer appropriate learning opportunities for gifted and talented students.
  10. Assess student achievement, maintain individual records, and report on students’ progress.


  1. To provide all students with opportunities to engage in learning appropriate for their future aspirations.
  2. To provide the Principal and Board of Trustees with evidential data on the success of student engagement and learning.
  3. To give curriculum guidance to Principal and staff:

1.  The Principal and Deputy Principal will lead curriculum in consultation with Team Leaders and staff.

2.  Through the Self Review process the Principal will monitor the implementation and delivery of the curriculum against performance indicators.

3.  The Principal will;

a)      Ensure that all teaching programmes are relevant, current and evaluated against performance indicators.

b)      Annually review the structure of the college’s programme to ensure the choice of subjects and option structures meets the needs of students and encompasses the essential learning areas.

c)      Report annually to the Board of Trustees (student evaluations will form a part of the report).

4.  Team Leaders/Teachers in charge will:

a)    Annually update their Performance Indicators and their  Programme Review Statements/Schemes.

b)   Develop, implement, monitor and evaluate delivery of programmes within their department.

c)    Ensure that programmes are related to the Charter, National Curriculum Document and Qualification Framework Goals, and any NZQA units for which they are responsible.

d)   Identify barriers to lower level and moderate level learning and demonstrate strategies to address these issues.

e)    Survey students to identify needs.

f)    Liaise with relevant ITOs and local industry to develop and evaluate courses where appropriate.

g)   Provide a full annual report covering areas a) to f) above to the Principal and the Board of Trustees on their achievement in meeting their objectives (student evaluations will form Part of the report).


This policy will be reviewed as part of the Boards cycle of review.

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